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Dear friends and colleagues
We welcome you to join us for the exciting up-coming CONy Congress in Lisbon.
Within the Scientific Program, a workshop on Machado-Joseph and a Satellite Symposium on Portuguese TTR Amyloid Neuropathy have been added.

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Here are the Epilepsy topics:
Chairs: Nuno Canas, Portugal; Nataliya Pryanykova, Ukraine
Proposition: Carbamazepine (CBZ) is an outmoded drug and should never be used as a first-line therapy
Debate host: João Chaves, Portugal
Pro: Martin Brodie, UK
Con: Cigdem Ozkara, Turkey
Can we predict with reasonable confidence which patients with idiopathic generalized epilepsy (IGE) will remit?
Debate host: Alla Guekht, Russia
Yes: Elinor Ben Menachem, Sweden
No: Martin Holtkamp, Germany
Chairs: Carlos Quesada, Germany; José Lopes Lima, Portugal
Should we regularly check for autoimmune causes in patients with refractory epilepsy without other obvious causes?
Debate host: Ilan Blatt, Israel
Yes: Alla Guekht, Russia
No: William Theodore, USA
Can the Wada test be replaced by fMRI and other techniques?
Debate host: Carla Bentes, Portugal
Yes: Andrew Papanicolou, USA
No: Cigdem Ozkara, Turkey
Should combination therapy be used after failure of one or two antiepileptic drugs?
Debate host: Manjari Tripathi, India
Yes: Martin Brodie, UK
No: Elinor Ben Menachem, Sweden
Should responsive neurostimulation be offered in preference to other forms of neurostimulation when a well defined focus is known?
Debate host: Andrew Papanicolaou, USA
Yes: Michael Sperling, USA
No: Martin Holtkamp, Germany
Debate: Should non-convulsive status epilepticus be treated aggressively?
Debate host: Ivan Rektor, Czech Republic
Yes: Manjari Tripathi, India
No: Ilan Blatt, Israel
Chair: Amélia Nogueria Pinto, Portugal
Beyond the horizon in epilepsy
Michael Sperling, USA
Workshop on
Disease / SCA3
March 17, 2016
Satellite Symposium on
Portuguese TTR Amyloid Neuropathy
March 19, 2016
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We are looking forward to having you with us at CONy Lisbon!
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Francisco Sales, Portugal & Michael Sperling, USA
CONy Epilepsy Section Heads

Amos D. Korczyn, Israel and Victor Oliveira, Portugal
CONy Congress Co-Chairpersons
www.comtecmed.com/CONy cony@comtecmed.com
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